Getting Started

Hey there, welcome to RadioNewsAI! 🎉

So you've signed up and are all ready to dive in, but not quite sure where to start? No worries, here’s a straightforward guide to assist you.

1. Create a Newscaster

Let's start by creating a newscaster - think of it as the format for your news broadcasts.

Create newscaster button

Head to the "Newscasters" section and click "+ Add Newscaster". Choose your language, select a voice that suits your preference (you can change it later if needed), and opt for a template to begin with. Don't worry, this is just a starting point you’ll be able to modify the newscaster at any point moving forward.

Newscaster create form

Depending on the template you select, you might be prompted to add a source to the news, weather, or traffic sections of your newscaster. If this is your first setup, it’s likely you don't have any sources in your account yet. But not to worry, you can create your first source during this step.

2. Create a Source

When it comes to news, a source can either be an RSS feed or you can manually craft stories by creating a manual source. For weather and traffic source types, we offer a built-in option that automatically fetches weather and traffic data for your specified location.

Create a source form

You can explore more about sources here.

Manual Source

If you don’t have an available RSS feed, or if you'd prefer to explore without establishing a feed, a "manual source" might be your best bet. It allows you to add stories manually. Simply navigate to the "Stories" section from the left sidebar and click the "+ Add" button in the upper right corner.

How to add manual stories

If you haven’t created a manual source yet, one will be automatically generated here. If you have existing (multiple) manual sources, you can select your preferred source at this juncture. This function essentially categorizes the story into this source, allowing you to utilize the "manual source" just like any other regular source in a newscaster.

3. Edit, Schedule, and Broadcast

Congrats, you've set up the basics of your first newscaster! For the following steps:

  1. Edit your newscaster: Get familiar with the drag-and-drop editor here.
  2. Schedule your newscasts: Uncover more about scheduling here.
  3. Broadcast your newscasts: Find additional details about exporting here.

Enjoy exploring RadioNewsAI and creating your custom newscasts!