To manage your sources, access the "Sources" section from the left sidebar.

Each source can be categorized as:

The source's category is determined by the chosen content model for that source, and you can make changes accordingly within the settings form.

General source settings

Source settings form

  • Name - This is the name of the source used for internal purposes only. When creating a source based on a RSS feed you can leave this field empty, it will be auto filled with the title of the RSS feed.
  • Language - This setting doesn't do much technically in the background. It's mostly meant to filter the content model with the selected language in the option below.
  • Content model - The content model used to rewrite the source articles into readable newscast stories. Select a built-in model or create your own in the Model section.
  • Approvement - By disabling this option you need to manually approve each story from this source before it can be used in a newscast.
  • Phonetic rewrite - Experimental feature to auto edit each story in the background before creating the audio for better pronunciation of plain numbers, measurements, currencies and abbreviations. Disable this option if you experience weird outputs where each story is read twice for example.