News source

Read more about the general settings and how sources work see the general sources page.

News sources are the most common sources to use in a newscaster. You can connect RSS feeds here with news articles to import into the system.

To create a news source go to the "Sources" section and click "+ Add". Select the content model with the type of "News" and you can start creating your source.

News source settings

The following is a description of all the settings in your source form with the type of "news".

News source settings form

  • Type - Choose between "RSS feed" or "Manual". When you create a "manual source" you can select these source when you create a story manually as the source. After that you add the source to a newscaster so the newscaster knows which manual stories to use in the newscasts.
  • RSS feed url - Use a RSS feed or website with built-in RSS (most WordPress sites). Preferable use the url to the page with the overview of the latest news. For example "". You can test if the feed is valid in the right sidebar when click "Test feed url".
  • Webpage scraping - In some cases, a RSS feed may only provide a brief summary of an article. When the summary in the feed is less than 300 characters, with this setting enabled, the system tries to scrape the complete article content from its corresponding webpage. Check in the test feed sidebar if this gives the desired results. Otherwise disable this option or edit the option below.
  • Detail page html selectors - With webscraping enabled by default the content from all paragraphs on the page are scraped. You may want to specify this CSS-selector below. Required to end with a "p" from "paragraph".