Weather Source

For information about general settings and how sources function, please refer to the general sources page.

To create a weather source, go to the "Sources" section and click "+ Add." Choose the content model with the "Weather" type to begin creating your weather source.

Weather Source Settings

Here is an explanation of all the settings in your source form when it is of the "weather" type:

Weather source settings form

  • Type - Select from "Built-in," "RSS feed," or "Manual." The most common choice is "Built-in," which will reveal the location field when selected.
  • Weather Location - Specify the geographical location for which you want to generate a weather forecast. The system uses WeatherAPI to retrieve and transform the data into a weather forecast.
  • RSS Feed URL - Use an RSS feed or a website with built-in RSS (commonly found in WordPress sites) containing weather information formatted as weather info per item. Note that when creating a weather forecast from this source, each item from the RSS feed is imported every time a new forecast is generated.
  • Publication limit - When a weather forecast is generated it will be reused in every new newscast until this limit is reached.